Denis Rivin


Cofounder of Ima Read and probably the finest example of a completely ordinary person you will ever find. He has dreams and visions and executes swiftly.

Vaiva Rudomanskaité


A business angel, but not the type you think of. She is literally an angel that came to us to help us figure our business out!

Bruno Dobroes


UX designer with a flare for novelty and innovation: He aspires to help the World by solving any kind of problem through creativity and digital design.

Eidvile Bagdonaite


UX/UI designer with a pragmatic, ambitious and highly detailed approach to imagination and innovative design: Meaning and integrity are her traits.


We are looking for:


Operations Manager Intern


Stephan O'Bryan


Another expert in machine learning: He, too, helps putting a direct spark of intelligence into Ima Read.

Advisory board

Anette Nørgaard

Microsoft, BizSpark Plus


Business development, communication, IT, cloud computing and software development. Earlier involved with SQLSUG, Miracle and Oracle.

Henrik Ejby Bidstrup

IT-University of Copenhagen


Strategy, infrastructure, IT architecture and business development. Head of IT at the IT-University of Copenhagen. Earlier involved with Coloplast, LSG Sky Chefs, NCC and CSC.

Henrik Hahn-Nissen

Influenter, Meet over Coffee, HELO Group


Sales, lobbyism, strategy, negotiation. Serial entrepreneur.


Jesper Mikkelsen

ConCor A/S, ClubPeople


Concept and business development, communication, accounting, sales, analysis. Earlier involved with Make-A-Wish, Berlingske, Alm. Brand and TDC.

Ole Wibom, CIBA


Sales and operation. Earlier involved with Noliac, Dansteel and Danfoss.


Other really nice people we like to ask for advice

Analisa Winther


Rising star and probable future leader of any thinkable field.

Christos Topaloudis


Very, very perceptive engineer and Master of the whole web stack.

Helene Nørlem


Co-founder of Tiimo, specialist in  UX and user-centered design.

Jørgen Bek Weiss Hansen


Expert on legal affairs and highly resourceful without beating around the bush.

Kris Østergaard


Singularity University alumni,           co-founder of DARE2, educator and expert on exponential organizations.

Kristine Helen Falgren


CEO at ITU Business Development: Instrumental adviser and valued mentor.

Laila Pawlak


Singularity University adjunct faculty, co-founder of DARE2, motivator and bearer of marvelous energy.

Melissa Azari


Co-founder of Tiimo and specialist in UX and service design.

Thomas Etlar Frederiksen


Ever-surprising persona.

An inexhaustible source for strategic assistance.


Marius Cortsen


An innovation manager: He seeks to harness imagination and creativity of Man, while awarding it with structure.

Anna Chailyan


Pretty amazing person: She has a PhD in bio-informatics and really likes fiddling with machine learning, photography and other highly complex stuff!

Christos Karavasileiadis


An incognito engineer with the whimsicality of a Greek God: Cofounder of Ima Read and brilliant in many, many ways, but will never tell you.

+ 4561711713

Copenhagen, Denmark

Other really nice people we like to ask for advice